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Project Highlight: Water Tank Stations in Santa Julia

In 2014 PSE completed a project in our partner community of Santa Julia, constructing four water tank stations throughout the community. Santa Julia is not connected to the main water supply and rely on municipal water truck for their water. They need the water trucks to come about every three days, but they normally only come every eight days. Sometimes they come as seldom as every 16 days. If the water truck does not come, they are without potable water. The community used to store the water from the trucks in whatever they have, pots and pans, often not being able to store enough. The water tank stations allow community members to safely store extra amounts of water, for when the water trucks does not come.

Project Highlight: Improvement of Water Systems on Ometepe

PSE works continuously with the improvement and maintenance of water systems in our partner communities. On the Isle of Ometepe in 2012, PSE worked with local community members to develop and extend their water system, connecting 100 households and 500 people to running water. Then, in 2014 PSE continued the project, connecting 45 more households and 250 more people to the main water system. Families accessing this system no longer have to use stagnant water for consumption, but have safe clean water, a basic necessity for any family.

Partner Community Highlight: Ometepe

Nicaragua’s Ometepe Island is home to two volcanoes and sits in Lake Nicaragua, the largest freshwater lake in Nicaragua. The island is one of the world’s natural wonders and a UNESCO-designated Biosphere Reserve. It was also recognized as having the world’s second-largest rain forest region, after Brazil. After the Sandinista Revolution, state-owned land was returned to the people, who over burned and lumbered the island. As a result, there are large tracts of Ometepe that are barren and desert like. It is only accessible by ferry or airplane, making it difficult to get resources over to the people.PSE works with groups on Ometepe to reforest the island and improve water access for local communities.

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