Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and it is very underserved. In 2005, our founder was very involved with Alternative Breaks while studying at Florida International University. He applied what he learned from his first AB to make a difference in his home country of Nicaragua thus forming Panorama Service Expeditions and leading the very first Florida International University Alternative Break trip to Nicaragua. Ever since then Panorama Service Expeditions has continued to serve in five communities throughout Nicaragua.

In 2011, we hosted the Alternative Break Citizenship School in Nicaragua. There were about 60 staff and students representing around 50 schools in attendance. During the week the group was able to renovate a 4 classroom building that had not been utilized in 10 years providing a safe learning space for many more students in the village. The group saw how much of an impact that could be made by everyone working together and they also realized how much work still needed to be in done there. This led to the Nicaraguan Compact being formed. The Nicaraguan Compact is a partnership of higher education institutions and Panorama Service Expeditions working in solidarity with the community to forge a lasting impact for communities in Nicaragua through long-term commitment and service. Each year these schools send AB groups to serve on ongoing projects. Each project and university builds upon previous projects, which allows for a greater impact in a shorter period of time. We work in grass roots projects, centered on the communities expressed needs with long term goals of self-sustainability and empowerment. It is evident that by working towards the same goal together we can make a great impact.

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