Dr. Jorge Ali Lopez, Estelí

Dr. Jorge Ali is the Director of Universidad Catolica Agropecuariadel Tropico Seco (UCATSE), our partner medical school in Esteli, where he hasworked for 10 years. He is loves his work, and is very proud of the quality ofmedical professionals that come out of the school. His favorite parts of hiswork is helping the poor and underprivileged in Nicaragua, both those who comeas students and through scholarships manage to get a good education, and thepeople the school and students help through the Universities programs, such asthe medical brigades. He has a passion for helping those in need, alwayswilling to lend a helping hand.

Dr. Jorge Ali got his degree in medicine from La Universidad NacionalAutónoma de Nicaragua (UNAN) in Leon, back when this was amongst the onlymedical schools in the country. Now living in Esteli, he helps out all our medical brigades, both coordinating our transport and the students from UCATSEfor the medical brigades, as well as coming along doing consults for the people.

P: 305.220.9608 | E: jorge.ali@panoramaservicexp.org


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