Jamie Carson, Ometepe

Jamie is a Panorama Service Expedition’s In-Country Coordinator. Seven years ago, weary of his civil litigation law practice, Jamie felt the need to get away and also to give back. He signed on to volunteer at a Nicaraguan orphanage, where he spent over a year as an English teacher, soccer instructor and counselor to over 400 Nicaraguan children. Jamie met his wife in Nicaragua and decided to live and raise a family on one of Nicaraguan’s many islands. They remain very philanthropic, investing in the local community by sponsoring sporting teams and events, supporting school activities and aiding in the development of local infrastructure, including potable water projects. Jamie also sits one the community’s Development Advisory Board. This Board advises Break Away’s Nicaraguan Compact and PSE on community AB project priorities.

P: 305.220.9608 | E: jamie.carson@panoramaservicexp.org


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