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Project Highlight: Reforestation and Environmental Education on Ometepe Island

The Panorama Service Reforestation Project aims to both protect the environment, and strengthen the understanding of local environmental issues. By teaching environmental awareness in schools and community organizations, participants will empower communities to make informed decisions about how to protect and conserve the local environments. To date , PSE participants have planted over 1,700 endangered native trees within a biosphere reserve, collected over 2,000 seeds and implemented a strategic cutting campaign

Project Highlight: Flood Control in Monte Tabor

The areas surrounding Nicaragua's capital, Managua are made up of scenic hillsides, home to many of our partner communities. During rainy season these mountainous areas become prone to immense flooding, as water running off of the surface of these mountainous areas flow directly towards communities. Homes are often devastated and small livestock and humans carried away in it's strong currents. Through flash flood mitigaton projects, PSE attempts to tackle the threat that landslides can cause on communities via reforestation projects, rehabilitating hill top flood control systems, and environmental conservation techniques.

Project Highlight: Permaculture in Santa Julia

Since 2012, Panorama Service Expeditions partner community, Santa Julia has adopted the philosophy of permaculture, working with nature , rather than against it. Through a series of projects, PSE has worked with the Gloria Quintanilla Women's Cooperative of Santa Julia to embrace all functions of plants and animals to develop agricultural systems that become multiple products. These projects are continual and range from, creating composting areas ,making and bottling organic bio fertilizer for community use and for sale, and the construction of rain harvesters to prepare communities for periods of drought.

Childhood Development Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts on our childhood development projects.

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