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Project Highlight: Classroom Construction and ELL in Los Fierros

In 2013, PSE brought together groups from multiple universities in order to complete the construction of an additional classroom at the local school in Los Fierros, one of PSE's partner communities. As a result, the school has been able to establish Saturday school classes, providing accessible education for secondary school students in the community who have to work during the week. Various PSE groups have also spent time in Los Fierros carrying out ELL (English Language Learning) classes for over 250 local children.

Project Highlight: Student and Teacher Sponsorship in Monte Tabor

In 2014, El Instituto Diocesano Monte Tabor, a primary and secondary school in one of PSE's partner communities, was forced to shut down its entire primary level due to a lack of funds. However, thanks to one of PSE's participating universities, El Instituto was able to reopen 5th and 6th grade classrooms with the successful sponsorship of 17 students and 2 teachers. The school also hopes to be able to reopen the lower three primary school classrooms, with PSE's support.

Partner Community Highlight: Monte Tabor

Monte Tabor is a neighborhood tucked in between the capital city of Managua and the outlying municipality of El Crucero. It consists of approximately six hundred families, most of them low-income, some living of as little as $2 a day for a household of 10 people. Many therefore live in poor conditions, with dirt floors and no access to running water. The majority of community members travel to Managua daily for work, often in construction or other low-paying jobs. There are a number of primary and secondary schools in the area, which include both public, partially public, and private schools. Many value education highly, seing it as their ticket to a better life, for themselves and their families.

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