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Project Highlight: Art Across Borders at El Hogar del Divino Rostro

In 2014, PSE began the facilitation of an innovative project, Art Across Borders. It integrates a South Florida Girl Scouts of America Gold Award project with our work at El Hogar del Divino Rostro, by bringing art education to the impoverished children at the center. This provides the children with the opportunity to develop their creative potential and express themselves through different mediums. Through our collaborative efforts with Panorama Service Expeditions participants and partners, we seek to help them learn how to express themselves through art, and secure a brighter future for the children of Nicaragua.

Project Highlight: Infrastructural Improvements at El Hogar del Divino Rostro

El Hogar del Divino Rostro, which serves as home to 22 children, is composed of several small buildings, many of which are in severe disrepair. A number of them have broken windows, leaking roofs, and lack hygienic sanitation facilities. In 2014, one of PSE's participating universities carried out a series of infrastructural improvements at the center. These included replacing the roof of the children's dormitory and donating new mattress for each of the children. These basic infrastructural changes have provided the residents with an improved standard of living.

Partner Community Highlight: El Hogar del Divino Rostro, Las Nubes, El Crucero

El Hogar del Divino Rostro is a children's center and school located in the Las Nubes neighborhood of El Crucero, a municipiality on the outskirts of Managua. It serves as home to children who have experienced abuse or whose families struggle to provide for them. It is run by ten nuns and currently houses twenty two children ranging in ages from 5 to 17, although this number is in constant flux. The primary school run out of the same building provides for about 180 students who come from various surrounding communities. Although the children's center works in conjunction with the Nicaraguan Ministry of the Family, the government does not provide any funds, and it is primarily supported by individual donors. The nuns at El Hogar serve not only as religious but also parental figures for the children. Their continual moral support and dedication ensures that they can best protect and educate every child, in order for them to have a better life in the future. Working side by side with the nuns at El Hogar Siervas del Divino Rostro, PSE helps the children toward a better future.

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